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Our Mission Toward Transformation…

Coriano Elite Life Coaching and Consulting has developed our mission to help you begin your journey of self-healing and self-discovery. We will guide you through your transformation, all the while being empathetic and understanding of the delicacy of your situation and your relationship. We understand that life can be very complex and difficult to navigate through when it feels like external events and people are dictating how you should feel and how you should live your life. You are not alone. Some of us need a sense of direction, someone to truly understand where we are in life, to help us find the courage we need within ourselves, all the while being compassionate that the pain is real, self-esteem has been fractured, and self-acceptance has become an on-going battle. Our mission is to set you free from the control of your own negative thoughts, behaviors, habits, and patterns. Through our work together, you can take control of your own decisions and can improve and empower your life. You will realize you can’t change the world, but you sure can change how you respond to it.

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About Us…

Amanda Coriano is a Certified Professional Life Coach (C.L.C./C.P.C.), public speaker, and a trained professional experienced in successfully managing critical situations. By taking an all-encompassing approach towards transformation, Amanda and her team will expertly guide you along your path to identify your needs and expose the obstacles that inhibit your personal, as well as your relationships, growth to allow you to create your own changes that lead you to become the best version of yourself.

As founder of Coriano Elite Life Coaching and Consulting, Amanda understands that seeking a life coach comes with challenges for our clients. It is difficult to find a coach who has the experience, knowledge, and empathy it takes to really help you become aware of the hidden burdens in your life that hinder your progress. Amanda, and her team at Coriano Elite Life Coaching and Consulting, understand and appreciate that getting through the challenging times is only the beginning of your transformational journey to becoming your best self. Years of experience and involvement with people in volatile situations lead to the revelation that to truly make progress, transformation must occur on multiple levels.

We know all too well that the first step is always the hardest, but the rest of the journey doesn’t have to be.

You have already taken the first action by finding us, and we want you to be confident that you will not be alone on your quest.

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Life Coaching and Consulting

What To Expect…

During the beginning portion of your journey with us, we work on building a productive line of communication, transparency, and goal setting. Creating a solid foundation is important when working toward your transformation. We work on identifying the obstacles, and potential obstacles, that keep you from making progress in your life and in your relationship. 

Toward the middle portion of your experience with us, we work on developing individualized methods that you will utilize to target the obstacles that we mutually identified early on. We work on helping you understand the power of emotional carryover, both positive and negative. 

Lastly, we continue to build on your newly found skills and work on helping you maintain a self-sufficient mindset. By discovering and utilizing your unique resources, you will be able to respond to any situation deliberately. We strive to help you recognize your own capabilities and your own strengths. Contact us today and schedule your FREE 30‑minute consultation.

Contact Us Today and Schedule Your FREE 30-Minute Consultation

“…the first step is always the hardest, but the rest of the journey

doesn’t have to be.”

– Amanda Coriano

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