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Is the Life You Choose to Live Really “Inspired by a True Story?”


Think about it. This tagline, “Inspired by a True Story,” that we so often see on the book covers of the latest Best Seller list, television crime dramas, or feature movies, sets the stage for the credibility we give to the story. But what about your story? What inspires you? Do you believe in yourself? Let us now explore the processes that stimulate you to live your best life as a “true story” and avoid getting caught up in a fantasy world created by others.


How Can I Define Inspiration?


It is easier to understand inspiration when you do not consider it an elusive and magical power. Many thoughts on inspiration regard it as “something” that causes a feeling or desire to come up with a new and different, presumably better, way than what was previously being used.


In the inspirational definition, being “new” needs to be derived from being open to other ideas and viewpoints, though not actively seeking them at the time of the revelation. The awakening to fresh concepts and the clarity of direction energizes feelings of inspiration.


Not surprisingly, the word inspiration also describes the act of breathing in. We draw a breath to bring oxygen into our bodies to energize numerous biological functions, including brain activity and life-giving cell activity. By allowing external elements to enter our bodies, we not only function, but also improve our well-being.


When our minds are inspired by allowing external resources in, we become innovative, creative, and able to develop our true potential. 


Why is inspiration important in life?


Much of our world demonstrates the need for stability. In nature, we observe this when water seeks its level when two separate vessels holding the liquid are connected. We learn theories in middle school chemistry involving atoms with protons and electrons balancing each other out. Parity is often the goal of social justice movements within our culture. Even religion, sports, and philosophy are wrought with centrist ideologies to even out the playing field.


Maintaining the status quo helps only those seeking control and power. Much of what we are exposed to will direct us to settle for the monotony of balance and equilibrium.


We are frequently measured and rated on our abilities to perform. Yet somehow, while we are constantly reminded to strive for greatness to achieve our goals, it is followed up with a “don’t rock the boat” admonition. These types of conflicts are resolved only when you find something else that guides you to find your true story!

Whether by a design of nature or an organizational plan, personal goals will suffer when mediocrity is the standard. Inspiration is needed to clear the confusion and initiate your move to action.


Inspiration will transform an apathetic indifference into a realization of potential with real possibilities of accomplishment.


The beginning of your journey to develop your identity with a vision of success has been initiated. Now is where your “true story” starts.


What is the best inspiration in life?


Simply put, the best inspiration for you is when you value the source from where it originates. Inspiration will come at times of necessity. However, sometimes you may not even recognize that there is a void. 


Inspirations that develop intrinsically tend to be non-competitive and limitless. Inspiration is not mimicking that which we can appreciate in others. Nor is it merely following a good example.


True inspiration requires a spark for transformative change. It allows you to merge some of the best attributes of yourself and initiate new ways that go far beyond what you see in others.


Correctly positioning your mindset allows you to expand your point of view. When you are open to new ideas, you can foster change into a creation that works for you. Brand new, or slightly modified concepts, are both equally important if the end result is that you moved beyond the parameters you had previously perceived as walls or blockades. 


Inspiration is the seed that motivation cultivates. When motivation stimulates an inspired idea to grow, your next step is to mesh discipline into the fold. You must test your capabilities in order to flourish. Discipline will help you get through your perceived failures. 


Inspired ideas become learning experiences when you are motivated to try. Your persistence is evident in the manner in which you incorporate self-discipline. This process points the way for you to not only think of, develop, and construct ideas but also express them and implement them into reality. This becomes your “true story” with resounding credibility! 


What is the difference between Influence and Inspiration?


Let’s not confuse influence with inspiration.   


Inspiration ignites an emotional energy that becomes dynamic. One inspired notion leads to a series of possibilities that provide choices. These are the paths that set off even more potential! The rejuvenation of our creativity instills a desire to improve. The emotional infusion of substance into thought is what provides a vision of what could be. This promise is bolstered by the awareness of your abilities and clarity of the possibilities of success.

The creation or restoration of faith in yourself generates a power within you to accomplish more extraordinary things than you could imagine without having been inspired.  


Influence works on a different level than the emotions associated with inspiration. While inspiration promotes the mind to see the objective and a potential path toward it, influence is the push to get it done. The external force of influence provides a reason and a direction to accomplish your goal. 


Be mindful of what you allow to influence you. Once you are inspired, the culmination of ideas and innovations that you produce is yours. You may find yourself indebted and accountable to others when you permit them to influence you.


Influences can be positive or negative. They can also be challenged by your moral compass when external powers infiltrate your decision-making. It is not always easy, but you always have a choice over what influences you.


Inspiration is an emotional source for creating ideas and can only be optimistic and constructive as it fills the vacuum of stagnation. Because inspiration is emotionally driven, there is less of a cognitive thought process in being inspired. Your initial strength lies in your heart, not your head, when you are inspired.


Inspiration makes it possible. Influence makes it happen.


How do you stay inspired?


Observing and contemplating situations, objects, or people often triggers the intangible “something” that is the root of inspiration. The spontaneity, and even serendipity, of an enlightening experience brings the energy associated with inspiration into the realm of being considered spiritual.


But remember, no matter how you look at inspiration, it is something you must be able to sustain. The best way to stay inspired is to act upon the inspiring thought. 


As you develop your ideas, new ideas will continue to present themselves. Each of these new designs begs for more action. The euphoria of dynamic thinking propels you into an upward spiral of creativity and ambition.


It is a positive spin on the idiom of “going down the rabbit hole.” Instead of being faced with problematic situations, each challenge is rewarding. Each complexity is countered with clarity, and chaos unfolds into order. You become stronger and more confident with inspiration!


How can a Life Coach Inspire You?


A professional Life Coach will not find your inspiration to fulfill your life potential. What a motivational life coach will do is guide you to the best possible circumstances for you to recognize the things that inspire you.


If you are experiencing obstacles and distractions that cause you to feel overwhelmed, you may not be able to catch the inspirational moments.


The experience of many types of life coaching has demonstrated that these “Eureka” moments are often mistaken for scattered thoughts if you are not fully aware of the potential awakening power of inspiration. When you are directed towards having an open mind that fully understands how to recognize, manipulate, and cultivate positive energy, you are less likely to be dismissive of the productive signals you receive. 


This is why life coaching is effective. 


Merging your motivational, inspirational, and disciplinary attributes to become a dependable asset to others while claiming self-respect in knowing that you are a person capable of achievement is a goal you work towards when you enlist the help of a certified life coach. 


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