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Your search for a Life Coach started when you had questions, or perhaps you had answers from others that did not seem to fit the pathways you wanted to explore. You have already taken the first action of learning how to find a life coach by discovering Coriano Elite Life Coaching & Consulting. Your journey of self-discovery and self-healing begins with identifying your basic needs and defining some perceptions that differ in each individual. We want you to be confident that you will not be alone on your quest.

You may have already searched for the answers to the fundamental question, “What is a Life Coach?” even “Who should consider working with a Life Coach?” or even, “What can a Life Coach do for me?” Coriano Elite Life Coaching & Consulting will start by offering you the opportunity to answer all of these questions and more by helping you establish an understanding of how and why life coaching is effective.

What is a Life Coach?

Professionals who offer guidance and insight services developed to allow clients to improve various aspects of their lives are known as Life Coaches. Coaches lead the way to individual wellness by working directly with clients towards self-discovery and healing. Life coaches are responsible for developing strategies that build upon the client’s strengths and abilities to allow for the desired transformation to a better version of themselves.

Coriano Elite Life Coaching & Consulting helps clients define realistic and clear goals. Together, we will recognize and anticipate obstacles and provide support and guidance to each person’s unique circumstances as they work towards establishing both meaning and purpose in their daily lives. Particular areas of practice may focus on relationships, resiliency, organizational culture, careers, personal trauma, or spirituality, among others.

Types of Life Coaches

Specialization in Life Coaching makes perfect sense. There is good reason to hire an experienced life coach with expertise in a specific area of need for a client with clearly identified goals, obstacles, and strategies. Some of the focused disciplines that a certified professional life coach can practice include:

  • Relationship life coach
  • Family life coach
  • Resilience life coach
  • Transformational life coach
  • Financial life coach
  • Life skills coach
  • Career coaching
  • Executive life coach
  • Organizational coach
  • Children’s life coach
  • Spiritual life coach
  • Motivational life coach

While one size assuredly does not fit all, there are advantages to a broader approach to coaching when overlapping areas of concern are intertwined and cannot be suitably addressed by using just one of the types of life coaching niches. Such is often the case with work-life balance coaching. Coriano Elite Life Coaching & Consulting has the resources to use an intuitive life coaching strategy, harnessing our vast array of experiences and expert research to formulate individualized programs.

Who should consider working with a Life Coach?

There are as many individual reasons for considering working with a life coach as there are types of life coaching niches. While the many different types of life coaching specialties can focus on specific issues, a common denominator for seeking a life coach is change.

Some clients need guidance to navigate through tumultuous times of change, while others seek motivation to change when they are stagnant. Of the many Life Coaching questions to consider, “what does a life coach do exactly for you?” is one of the essential inquiries you need to make.

There are often indicators that lead clients to seek Life Coaching services. Sometimes these are observations made by someone close to the client, yet often they are self-realized.

In either case, clients seek fulfillment and meaning in life that is best attained by consulting with a professional who has certified life coaching skills. Coriano Elite Life Coaching & Consulting has identified some of the more common indicators and red flags that lead our clients to seek out a professional life coach.

  • A persistent sense of being overwhelmed
  • Frequent feelings of complacency
  • High stress and emotional/professional dissatisfaction
  • A continued sense of being trapped in a relationship or at work
  • Diminished motivation or creativity
  • Loss of control of your negative thoughts, behaviors, habits, and patterns

Life Coaching programs have been growing to accommodate many mainstream issues. For almost 40 years, life coaching organizations developed by famous life coaches continued their successful worldwide marketing campaigns. Coriano Elite Life Coaching & Consulting is at the cutting edge of a hybrid personal coaching approach to transform your life! Consider whether you are trying to climb the corporate ladder, break through glass ceilings, manage an intimate relationship, or get out of a mental block that is continually dragging you down. Coriano Elite Life Coaching & Consulting has demonstrated our proven ability to guide you expertly and motivate you towards your desired goals. The results will be evident, and the reinforced self-discovery of your strengths, skills, and abilities will be the foundation for long-lasting and continued success.

What a Life Coach Can Do for You?

Decisions on the direction a person takes in life vary in complexity. Your life journey can be equated to a cross-country trip. The reasons for the excursion will differ from one person to another. The mode of transportation will also present choices. The destinations may be permanent or just a stop along the way. Coriano Elite Life Coaching & Consulting will navigate your journey. Most important, though, is that you will always know you are in the driver’s seat and will arrive safely and with more experience to carry through to your future. Beyond that analogy is that a certified Life Coach has learned how to become a Life Coach through dedication, experience, and a process of learning life coaching skills.

By choosing Coriano Elite Life Coaching & Consulting, you will be the beneficiary of having a new angle of perspective while evaluating the problems that hinder your progress. In a different paradigm, your perception of what was once insurmountable very often will become a challenge from which you will build your self-esteem once you overcome the issue. New insights and ideas will replace the negativity and destructive habits that inhibit growth. Adding life coaching tools to your daily program will enlighten you about the many different paths your journey can take. With Coriano Elite Life Coaching & Consulting providing a roadmap, and the choices of the direction you make, the journey from your present condition to the next level of well-being becomes a trek towards more meaning, peace of mind, and purpose.

Working with Coriano Elite Life Coaching & Consulting will allow you to consider options and make choices that we offer to empower you over any detrimental implicit bias obstructing your success.

Listed below are some of the beneficial effects that should result from working with a life coach:

  • Enhanced communication skills
  • A manageable work-life balance
  • The decline of anxieties and irrational fears
  • More satisfying work-life
  • Improved creativity
  • Meaningful relationships with friends and family
  • Increased financial acumen

Life coaches rely on consistency and accountability. The frequency of the life coach appointments allows insight into the client’s progress towards improved wellness. The developing trust between the life coach and the client over a sustained professional relationship opens the door to observations that the implemented programs are being followed. If desired changes are not appearing or momentum is lacking, the life coach can often motivate the client with alternative techniques or by unveiling other undetected issues with the client. Achieving set goals efficiently and promptly occurs more often with a life coach than if a client was working independently.

A professional life coach offers clients a foundation from which they can initiate positive change in their lives and livelihood. This foundation is based on trust and accountability that are mutually shared. Through guidance, motivation, and support, the forward motion towards achieving positive results is balanced and designed for lasting results.

Methods of Contact

Technology and global changes have an ongoing impact on every facet of life. It may be part of why some people lose focus on what they want to be the realities of their lives. Identifying the potential of taking control over technology and your reactions to the world around you is part of what Life Coaching does. Coaches organize individual sessions to have the most positive impact on your progress. The session format varies from some Life Coaches meeting their clients in person while others conduct their sessions over the phone or using video conferencing applications.

Engaging with a Life Coach requires a decision on the client’s part as to what is an acceptable method of participating in a coaching session. As you consider your options for making meaningful changes, a discussion with a potential coach should define the specifics of the sessions.

Be mindful that it is always up to you to decide what you would like to focus on in your coaching sessions. The Life Coach may redirect you to particular areas of concern, but you are always the session’s focus. Every session’s conclusion is designed for you to leave feeling empowered and encouraged to continue through the program.

Clients must do their due diligence on where to find a Life Coach who satisfies their needs. Location may not be a factor if you can develop a rapport with a coach using the available technology. Use the free 30-minute consultation offered by Coriano Elite Life Coaching & Consulting to determine the best method for you. Preparing for your initial consultation will allow you to determine if the Life Coach’s programs are what you need. While looking for a Life Coach, you will realize that professional life coaches offer life coaching packages. Evaluating style, professionalism, qualifications, and philosophy will be your first choice on your journey to well-being.

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