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Organizational Culture

Every successful organization develops a way of doing things that brings them to the forefront of its field. Getting on top, and staying on top, will always require vision and goals along with a plan. It is no matter whether the size or scope of the organization is global or a small local enterprise, the function of the organization, is always determined by the people.

The organizational culture that develops through the interaction of people is what builds or destroys the potential of every group—knowing how and where you fit into your organization is as essential for your personal growth and satisfaction as it is for a company’s success.


Are you the boss? Are you a mid-level supervisor or a prospective employee looking for a chance to succeed in an ever-changing workplace? Coriano Elite Life Coaching & Consulting is experienced in identifying organizational culture and leadership characteristics that will allow you to develop yourself or your organization into the best version for success.

Who needs Organizational Coaching?

When we talk about organizations, Coriano Elite Life Coaching & Consulting recognizes a tendency by many people to immediately think of the corporate world of high finance and global companies. On the other hand, we see the importance of offering our experience and services learned from both the public and private sectors of large government and corporate entities and applying them to the needs of people who are building their dreams.

The advantage of having this power brought to you as an individual or a working group of any size will be in the cohesion developed through communication and understanding.

Organizations, including small businesses, non-profits, civic groups, and clubs, all face challenges with direction and communication as they develop. Suppose you have started your own business, and your plans have had to be altered to accommodate changes in growth and personnel. In that case, the initial strategy you thought could take you through to your goals may need help in diagnosing and changing organizational culture.

Suppose you are a new member of an agency, company, or group with new ideas that are overlooked because of your lack of understanding the importance of organizational culture. In that case, we can help you navigate to a point where your thoughts are presented in the best possible light for acceptance. 

In any situation involving a group of people who work together for a common cause, the need to recognize and understand the dynamics of organizational culture and values is absolute. Knowing the various types of cultures and how they can affect the behaviors of employees and co-workers can best be learned through an experienced Organizational Coach from Coriano Elite Life Coaching & Consulting.

We are adept at bringing out the best in individuals, both as leaders and members of groups. Our programs allow growth and knowledge to transform any size group into a highly functional and productive organization based on core values, visions, goals, and a defined mission.

Work/Life Balance

The continuous changes in societal expectations can cause confusion for the modern-day person who requires an income to sustain a level of living that they desire or are accustomed to having. To maintain forward progress in achieving life goals, one may feel torn between needing to perform better at work while not wanting to neglect family commitments.

On the other hand, to counter one’s own expectations are the actual or perceived expectations and demands from managers and family that will also impact a person’s social life and well-being.

The concept of Work/Life Balance has been addressed in many forms well before the trends to WFH (work from home) began over the past several years. Coriano Elite Life Coaching & Consulting has developed a hybrid Life Coaching program that works perfectly to address these issues. Our experience is in identifying specific problems with clients and working to guide them towards their own success.

Coaching an individual through conflicts by expanding the realm into personal, work, relationship, and social situations allows for an even more incredible opportunity for our clients to become whole in their self-discovery and self-empowerment.

A program geared towards recognizing and changing negative thoughts, behaviors, habits, and patterns allows our clients to take control of their own decisions and prioritize each aspect of their lives. This proactive effort encourages you to apply your best efforts at the appropriate times to each facet of your life.

The idea of balancing work and play with everything else you do soon will become your ability to integrate all that you do into a productive and meaningful life. You can be as happy making a living as you are making a life! Your momentum carries you forward, increasing your desire and ability to perform at your absolute best level! 

What is an Organizational Culture?

Coriano Elite Life Coaching & Consulting works on the premise that members of every group, regardless of size, when joined for a common goal, will develop a way of working with each other. The accepted standards include certain social, communicative, and professional interactions being reinforced by repeated actions and mannerisms.

Organizational Culture is most often developed and guided by the founders and leading members to promote good order and harmony. Employees who view their organizational culture as ethical are more likely to embody the traits of their leaders and buy into the organization’s goals. The advantages of having well-balanced members are one of the characteristics of organizational culture that most leaders would strive for while they identify and develop their values. However, these standards can change over time and create conflict and a shift in power. The confusion threatens to generate mistrust and disenchantment.

Since communication is the link between the platforms of a healthy organization, Organizational Coaching is a critical tool for any business, workplace, group, or association to have at its disposal.

What is Organizational Coaching?

Misplaced motivation can add to the confusion for workers and leaders. So much emphasis on leadership skills training assumes that everyone can be a leader or in fact, wants to be a leader. Coriano Elite Life Coaching & Consulting offers each member of an organization an opportunity to explore their strengths and identify their values within a structure that best suits the group’s goals. Development of leadership styles will create respect and unity, along with encouragement to perform at the optimal level of each member’s capability.

Organizations can benefit from several forms of coaching, and each will be tailored to specific needs:

Awareness of the servant leader concept is applied to build the reputation and respect of those who are tasked with spearheading any project. Executive coaching develops leadership skills toward the strengths of the individual. Alternative approaches are made available to our clients on guiding group members from diverse background experiences to bring forth their unique talents and ideas while still maintaining your goals and objectives.

Team coaching will identify areas of concern and conflict between each working part of an organization. The development of clear lines of responsibility and communication are created and reinforced so that every member understands the group’s goals and objectives and their individual value to the company.

Lastly, Integrated coaching becomes the path toward seamless communication and mutual respect between management and workers. The guidance used to bring the people and the plan together clearly establishes expectations and responsibilities.

In each model of coaching, obstacles are identified and assessed. Creative solutions are developed through coaching that originates from those who are involved in the issues. This method offers ownership of the resolutions, which encourages buy-in and follow-through of all members.

Do you need an Organizational Coach?

If you are the boss, and you are having difficulties achieving what you have set out to do, there may be several reasons for the lack of success of your organization. Coriano Elite Life Coaching & Consulting offers our insight into the motivational and human development issues that may factor into an organizational culture that needs to be improved. While you do what you do best in building and planning your future, let us offer our expert appraisal and programs to bring out the very best in your most valuable business asset, your people.

If you are facing the loss of good employees, finding it hard to fill open positions, or have observed a lack of leadership in areas causing dysfunction, consult with one of Coriano Elite Life Coaching & Consulting advisors for the options that are available to enable you to make the best informed decisions.

Suppose you are an employee or a prospective member of a group who has developed a reduction in performance and loss of motivation. In that case, you must re-establish yourself as a valued part of the workforce now! You have trained too hard to have a sense or feeling of being out of place.

To become an included member with value, reach out today. Coriano Elite Life Coaching & Consulting will show you how to identify and thrive within the organizational culture and become the best version of yourself!

Benefits of Organizational Coaching

Every organization will need to be evaluated routinely to ensure that the work being done is consistent with the goals and objectives of your original plan. Situations and opportunities change. For the human element of every organization, change is inevitable. People become complacent or restless if they are not feeling challenged. Others may feel overwhelmed due to outside problems or internal conflicts.

Coriano Elite Life Coaching & Consulting has developed a program that encourages individuals within groups to become more engaging with each other. Group dynamics become more productive by using an individual’s unique strengths and realizing self-worth and value. Through coaching, destructive elements of tension and opposition transform rivalries into a healthy competition where each member contributes and learns from the other.

Enthusiastic responses to problem-solving become an expected course of action when employees and management are coached to develop solutions through strengthened lines of communication. As each level of supervision become transparent and accountable for their actions, mutual respect and understanding develop. Employee satisfaction and confidence are natural byproducts of a healthy work environment. The retention rate of all employees, including those in managing roles, significantly increases when each member feels they are an integral part of a team. Coaching allows your organization to focus on doing what it is meant to do while the obstacles are dealt with in the least intrusive way.

The benefits are long-lasting since high-quality energy is contagious. Every member of the organization can feel pride and accomplishment if offered an opportunity to contribute to the group’s success. Stagnation of doing routine tasks is transformed from doing things “because we have always done them that way” to innovative ideas and positive changes.

Change happens. Transformation is directed by expert coaching!

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